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Epithalamium Universe

It's JKR's world. I just play in it.

The universe of the Epithalamium Series is, of course, based on JKR’s worldbuilding for the original Harry Potter series of novels, but I’ve tried to expand on it, always with the goal of making it feel real. I have tried to create a sort of internal logic to the magical world, with at least a passing nod to science. 

I’ve especially enjoyed creating for many of the events, creatures, and characters backstories JKR didn’t put in the original seven books. (She has since expounded on her world in several companion books and, of course, the Wizarding World website, but the bulk of my series was written before these appeared.) Lots of them are sprinkled throughout the Epithalamium Series, but you will also find expanded biographies for several original and canon characters in my blog.

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