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Epithalamium Series

Unthinkable. Inevitable. Dangerous

Written for an adult audience, this series of two novels, two novellas, and several short stories is an epic literary romance that delves deep into the psyches of two of the Harry Potter universe’s most beloved–and complicated–characters. Set against the backdrop of World War II and the Wizarding Wars, it explores the question of what happens when a powerful, ambitious woman falls in love with someone equally powerful but much more damaged and morally ambiguous, and how they navigate the mores of their time and the demands of service to a greater cause.

The series doesn’t shy away from Dumbledore’s less attractive qualities, nor does it ignore his previous relationship with Gellert Grindelwald, so it won’t be for readers who expect an uncomplicated, “fluffy” McGonagall x Dumbledore romance, but Harry Potter fans who enjoy nuanced, mature characterizations and relationships will love it.

The story weaves history, music, literature, and science into the narrative to build a three-dimensional universe inhabited by a large cast of characters both familiar and original.

While the series fits into book canon, it ignores Pottermore and many of J. K. Rowling’s media statements on the stories and characters.

If you’re already a fan of the series, you can find out more about the series universe here.

One of the best reads of all time, and I can't wait to see what you have planned for the rest of the series!
I honestly can't get enough of this series.

Bonnie Wee Thing

A witch is born. She’s surprisingly opinionated for a baby.

A very short story in which Minerva McGonagall demonstrates a peculiar proclivity for getting her way.


One to Keep an Eye On

Young Minerva has her first Transfiguration class. It does not go as Albus expects.


From Jupiter's Head

Thorfinn McGonagall observes his daughter as she grows up, and realises he has a very unusual witch on his hands.



It's 1943, and both the wizarding and Muggle worlds have exploded into war. Eighteen-year-old Minerva McGonagall is brilliant and talented, with dreams of becoming the first witch in the Auror corps. Albus Dumbledore is famous, powerful, and haunted by his dark past. Their attraction to one another is unthinkable, inevitable, and dangerous, especially with Tom Riddle watching from the shadows.



13 February 1945. The day Albus Dumbledore has dreaded for decades has come. To keep the Wizarding world free, he must destroy a man who once meant everything to him. Can he do it? And what price must he pay?


Till A' the Seas Gang Dry

In this follow-up to Epithalamium, Minerva and Albus venture into the Muggle world to enjoy a romantic winter interlude in Venice. Join them as they board the Orient Express, enjoy some good food, fine art, and, of course, a bit of romance.


Come Autumn, Sae Pensive

The last thing Minerva McGonagall ever expected was to become a mother. But when she finds herself unexpectedly pregnant, her life with Albus changes in ways beyond anything they might have predicted.



As the war intensifies, tensions grow between Albus and Minerva. A surprising encounter at the Yule Ball leads Minerva to ponder the nature of their relationship.


Familiar Rituals

How do Albus and Minerva celebrate the end of term? And just how did she become Head of Gryffindor as well as Deputy Headmistress? In this short story, Minerva finds that some rituals are both pleasant and unpleasant.


Ca' the Yowes

Minerva awakes in St Mungo’s after a Stunner attack to find she has an unusual visitor.


Mammals of the Order Chiroptera

During a meeting of the Order of the Phoenix, Albus angers Minerva, while Severus makes some observations of the local fauna and overhears something he would rather not.


Because It Is Bitter, and Because It Is My Heart

If war is hell, Severus Snape and Minerva McGonagall are in the Ninth Circle. During Snape’s awful year as Headmaster, he and Professor McGonagall draw closer as they are forced into a desperate arrangement.