Welcome to my brain.

Like most brains, it’s a scary, chaotic place, but it’s mine, and I’m fond of it.

When it’s not focused on food or sex or why the leaf-blower guy next door can’t just get a fucking rake, it’s often thinking about reading, writing, or the Harry Potter universe, although not necessarily in that—or any—order.

The first thing to know

I am old. Older than you, probably. Old, as in, I-watched-the-first-Moon-landing old. I was sitting in a very wet diaper at the time, but since you likely have never Let Your Fingers Do the Walking or Sung Along with Mitch, I think I probably win the oldness sweepstakes here.

The second thing to know

I fell in love with the magical world of Harry Potter after devouring the first five novels and discovered fanfiction while impatiently waiting for the final two books to hit the shelves. I first tried my quill at writing fanfic in 2010 and never looked back.

The third thing to know

Every character or plot element I borrow is used with great affection, gratitude, and respect. I try to remain true to the characters and the rules of the Rowling’s magical world while building on and expanding them, and I enjoy creating rules for magic (loosely) based on science. 

Um … ok. Is there anything else I should know?

I'm an American.

When I write in the HP universe, I try very hard to impersonate a British person, but no matter how many guv’nors or O-levelses I throw around, I will never actually be a British person. If you are, and you find any appalling Americanisms in my HP stories, please drop me a note to tell me what a wanker I am so I can fix it.

I'll write about (almost) anything they pay me to, but my bread and butter is medicine and health care.

So if you’re writing a story and need a non-fatal-but-definitely-icky injury for your main character, or, for some reason unknowable to man, you’re fascinated by the crack!fic laughingly known as the American healthcare system, hit me up. I’m neither a clinician nor an expert, but I can generally steer you in the right direction.

My stories are mostly written for a mature audience.

Which isn’t to say they’re all dripping with sex and violence (although in many of my stories the characters do end up making the sign of the Humpbacked Hippogriff.) It means I write from an adult (old) perspective, generally about adult characters doing adult things (or very silly things, as adults are wont to do.) In the HP universe, it usually means I’m writing about Hogwarts staff or their contemporaries. JKR created these wonderful minor characters, and it’s fun to explore what they might be like when they’re not seen through the eyes of a teenaged boy wizard. 

I have lots of writing and editing resources I'm happy to share.

You’ll find them here. If there’s anything else you’re looking for, feel free to ask me.

Spoiler Alert!

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