Epithalamium Headcanons

I like knowing how the wizarding world works.

JKR built a fascinating world, but I have soooo many questions. Since she’ll never answer them, and since I probably wouldn’t like the answers if she did (remember the notorious Hogwarts Bathroom tweet?), I tend to make up  the answers myself.

These are the backstories I’ve conceived for some of the characters, places, events and other things that make up the Epithalamium universe. 

Collage: 1) black-and-white chess board; 2) snifter of brandy; 3) old-fashioned magnifying glass, pocket watch and book; 4) Spines of old books; 5) Ravenclaw crest on a blue blazer; 6) packet of old letters tied with string next to an ink bottle

Thorfinn McGonagall

Since my new story in the Epithalamium series, “From Jupiter’s Head,” is largely written from the point of view of Minerva’s father, I thought I’d share my bio of him.

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Spoiler Alert!

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