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The Best Xmas Party of the Year


The best Xmas party of the year has started over at LiveJournal.

The HoggyWartyXmas fic and art fest has been running since 2010 and has produced some of the best Harry Potter fanfic and art around. 

The fest spotlights fanworks featuring Hogwarts staff and a few of their close friends, so it’s a real treat for those of us who enjoy reading about the grown-up characters in the Potterverse. It’s always a great mix of frivolous and serious and always has beautifully written, excellently characterized stories and creative art.

 It runs from a few days before Christmas and ends on January 9 (Snape’s birthday!)

This year’s fest has opened with two terrific fanworks:

“Slumming with Staff” is a rollickingly fun comic strip featuring Gilderoy Lockhart’s personal journal. His interactions with his fellow staff members are … memorable. (NSFW). 

“Haeligeweille” is a marvelous fic that does one of my favorite things in fandom: it visits a character that’s played largely for fun in canon and gives him a backstory that is touching, thought-provoking, and very believable.

The (thus-far) anonymous author shows us how Argus Filch became so attached to Mrs. Norris and how they came to Hogwarts together in the wake of a tragedy. The story lyrically weaves different and very complex types of magic into a haunting story that makes Argus human and paints a relationship between him and Mrs. Norris that is both heartbreaking and heartwarming.