Printable PDFs & Ebooks Now Available

Print files and ePubs and .mobi files, oh my!

Like many of you, I have attempted to put the house-arrest enforced on us by this blasted pandemic to productive use.

In between such crucial daily activities as binge-watching The Real Housewives of Peoria while eating too many Scooter Pies and organizing my socks by how much cat hair is stuck to them, I have been attempting to teach myself how to format book interiors.

To that end, I’ve put all my stories (except the flash fiction) into several new formats ready for downloading.

To get them, go to the My Stories page, click on the story you want, and download the file(s) of your choice: there’s a print-ready PDF (8 ½ x 11 inch), a generic ePub, and a .mobi file for each.

(Here are some instructions for loading a .mobi file to a Kindle or Kindle app.)

(Here are some instructions for opening and reading ePub files.)

The PDF interiors were formatted using one of the book interior templates from The Book Designer. They offer a variety of gorgeous, inexpensive templates that can help you turn your book into a print-ready file and into eBook files in a short time.

For the ePub and .mobi files, I used Vellum software, which is spendy but worth it if you’re going to be formatting lots of books for electronic distribution. It allows you to upload a .docx file and make formatting changes right in the WYSIWYG editor–it’s super easy. (You can also create print-ready files if you buy the upgrade, but I haven’t used that function.)

I don’t use affiliate links or receive any compensation for promoting products; these are just things I like and recommend.

Spoiler Alert!

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