New Story: Rest with Your Dream in My Dream

Snowy woods at night with large full moon and bare trees. Book cover with sihouette filled with stars: title: Rest with Your Dream in My Dream

My contribution to this year’s HoggyWartyXmas fest was this story. It was written for the brilliant milotzi/milotziherself, a marvellous creator of Minerva/Severus art and fic. The story, “Rest with Your Dream in My Dream,” is, of course, a Minerva/Severus fic, and was insipred by the dialogue between Snape and McGonagall in chapter 30 of Harry […]

New Fic: Within a Forest Dark

Now that the HogggyWartyXmas reveals for 2020 are up, I can reveal that my contribution was a short-ish Minerva/Severus story, “Within a Forest Dark.”

New Story: From Jupiter’s Head

“From Jupiter’s Head” shows us young Minerva McGonagall through the eyes of her father as she grows, and he learns what an unusual witch he has on his hands.