Thorfinn McGonagall

Because I am an obsessive Ravenclaw, when I work on a series like Epithalamium, I create a sort of wiki as I go to help me keep track of the pesky details.

This wiki includes full biographies of the major characters—it’s sort of like my own Pottermore.

Since my new story in the Epithalamium Series, “From Jupiter’s Head,” is largely written from the point of view of Minerva’s father, I thought I’d share my bio of him.

Thorfinn Drusus Alpin McGonagall
Supporting Character, Original Character

Minerva McGonagall's father, a magical historian and sociologist.

Birth: 7 April 1879
Death: 15 March 1979
Blood Status: pure-blood
Wand: rowan and unicorn hair, 11¾ inches, fairly pliant
Patronus: long-eared owl
Balding older man with grey hair and beard
Spoiler Alert!

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