Headcanon: Wizengamot

Have you ever wondered how the Wizengamor worked in Harry Potter? Well, here’s my take.

Headcanon: Castle Isleif

In the Epithalamium series, Castle Isleif is Minerva McGonagall’s family home. It’s where she grew up and where her father and grandmother live.

Headcanon: Filius Flitwick

Filius Flitwick has always been one of my favorite characters in Harry Potter. Too often in the books and movies, however, he’s portrayed in ableist tropes and made to be a figure of vague fun.

Headcanon: Poppy Pomfrey

In honor of Poppy’s birthday, here’s my heacanon for Poppy Pomfrey from the Epithalamium series.

Headcanon: Severus Snape

In honor of his sixty-first birthday, I’m posting my backstory for Severus Snape in the Epithalamium series.

Headcanon: Thorfinn McGonagall

Since my new story in the Epithalamium series, “From Jupiter’s Head,” is largely written from the point of view of Minerva’s father, I thought I’d share my bio of him.

New Story: From Jupiter’s Head

“From Jupiter’s Head” shows us young Minerva McGonagall through the eyes of her father as she grows, and he learns what an unusual witch he has on his hands.