Two Capable Women

Creator: therealsnape
Rating: M/R
Word Count: 6,700

A great many dreadful things have befallen the Hogwarts staff over the years, but the motivational training by Wilberforce (Bertie) Arbuthnot counts among the worst. However, Irma and Minerva rise to the occasion with the fortitude one may expect of two very capable women.

Characters: Irma Pince, Minerva McGonagall
Pairing(s): Irma/Minerva
Why You Should Check It Out:

"Two Capable Women" is a fabulous story that wryly eavesdrops on the developing relationship between Minerva and Irma in the context of a motivational course. You can just imagine the reactions from the two redoubtable ladies and the other Hogwartians. Oh, wait … you don't have to imagine them, you can read them (and they're hilarious) at Beholder.

Spoiler Alert!

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