The many uses of lavender

Creator: evilbean
Rating: M/R
Warning(s): aftermath of torture
Word Count: 13,977

This story starts during the night after the tragic ending of the Triwizard Tournament in Book 4.

According to the “A Daily Herb for Everyday Ailments” book that Minerva used to consult for her regular stress headaches, lavender could be used to treat an array of disagreements. Its main uses, however, were listed as follows: soothing pain, reducing stress, and relieving insomnia.

She had to admit, in hindsight, that it made a lot of sense.

Characters: Minerva McGonagall, Severus Snape
Pairing(s): Minerva/Severus
Why You Should Check It Out:

The rhythm of this fic gives it a palpable sense of impending doom, switching between the comfort the characters provide one another and the shocking realities of war. An achingly beautiful fic.

Spoiler Alert!

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