Sunlight in the Garden

Creator: lyras
Rating: M/R
Warning(s): References to the emotional fallout of the attack on the Longbottoms; references to memory loss
Word Count: 4,300

Pomona hasn't seen Neville since he was a baby, but the moment he steps into her greenhouse, the past begins chasing her down.

Characters: Alice Longbottom, Pomona Sprout
Pairing(s): Alice/Pomona
Why You Should Check It Out:

"Sunlight in the Garden" is a deeply shaded fic featuring Pomona/Alice Longbottom, with lots of bittersweetness and a finish that made me sigh in delight. I espeically love the Pomona here—she's loyal (of course) and fierce in her own quiet way. I defy you not to love her.

Spoiler Alert!

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