Minerva McGonagall and Augusta Longbottom

Creator: mywitch
Rating: M/R
Warning(s): NSFW

Today's piccy is for  Squibstress, who requested Prefect!Minerva, caught by Dumbledore as she makes out with Augusta Longbottom. Well, he's not the Headmaster yet, so maybe he'll let them off easy 😀

Characters: Augusta Longbottom, Minerva McGonagall
Pairing(s): Augusta/Minerva
Why You Should Check It Out:

Mywitch has fulfilled one of my HP-themed fantasies in glorious style. I asked for Prefect Minerva caught snogging Augusta Longbottom (or whatever her name was back at school) by Professor Dumbledore. The result is just perfectly perfect. Hot, funny, and with all of  Mywitch's signature detail and humor. It has certainly warmed my hearth this Yuletide, and I bet it will do for yours, too.

Spoiler Alert!

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