We Cannot All Be Masters

Creator: pre-raphaelite1
Rating: MA/NC-17
Warning(s): bondage, breathplay, dacryphilia (arousal by tears)
Word Count: 1,345

He licks lightly along the top of her cheekbone, tongue sliding over damp skin. His moan is pure pleasure, savouring the taste of the wetness that he drew from her.

Characters: Minerva McGonagall, Voldemort (Tom Riddle)
Pairing(s): Minerva/Tom Riddle (Voldemort)
Why You Should Check It Out:

Another Daily Deviant blast from the past, this sensual delight from 2006 uses the theme of salirophilia (arousal by salty bodily fluids) to show us something surprising about young Minerva McGonagall and something not so surprising about her lover, Tom Riddle.

Spoiler Alert!

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