A Time and a Place

Creator: therealsnape
Rating: M/R
Warning(s): consensual BD
Word Count: 6,826

You-Know-Who is gone, the Baby-Who-Lives is with his foster parents. And being "second-in-command" has never been more stressful for Minerva. Then Muriel comes with a suggestion that seems to offer all the delights of control

Characters: Minerva McGonagall, Muriel
Pairing(s): Minerva/Muriel
Why You Should Check It Out:

Author therealsnape makes the reader quiver with the same anticipation and uncertainty as the characters as one introduces the other to the liberating delights of obedience. The author beautifully shows how fragile the line between control and submission can be. Read it with a friend. A very close friend.

Spoiler Alert!

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