A Fine Romance

Creator: therealsnape
Rating: K/G
Word Count: 10,000

The Ministry of Magic is the main beneficiary of Mathilda Burbage's Last Will and Testament. As a result, Hermione Granger needs a place for a second-hand bookshop and two people to run it. People who like Muggle books.

Characters: Augusta Longbottom, Garrick Ollivander
Pairing(s): Augusta/Garrick
Why You Should Check It Out:

This fic (a gift for lucky me!) is a bibliophile/Potterhead's fantasy story with all the elements I love--romance, trenchant observations of human nature, finely etched characters, and a bit of meta for good measure.

This story has a marvelous premise, and TRS gives the characters such a rich history here.

The author has  also done something that I think is very hard in a short story--given the character a reason to change and a believable way of doing it, all while making the reader smile with amusement and nod with recognition.

Spoiler Alert!

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