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Short Story

Harry Potter & the Deeply Disturbing Dream

Harry has a terrifying dream, which leads to a a startling discovery.

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LOL! Oh, my! I can just see Harry’s red face. And the last line is quite brilliant. I think I am even red at that.
The Petulant Poetess
I’ve read it with a big smirk. Great read for a few indulging moments!
Such perfection in such a short piece.
The Petulant Poetess


Harry Potter & the Deeply Disturbing Dream

Albus knew that, true to her Animagus alter-ego, she liked to toy with her prey before eviscerating it, and he decided to take pity on the boy. “Come, Harry, I’ll see you to the door,” he said, giving Harry a subtle nudge in the correct direction.

Once the stone door was shut behind Harry, Albus returned to his wife, chuckling. “That was a bit cruel, Minerva. The boy was already mortified.”

“Well, it was either that or a slap in the face to pull him out of his shock,” she answered.

Taking her hand and leading her back toward their bedroom, Albus said, “I trust you will show me a bit more kindness than you did Harry.”

“On the contrary, Albus, I intend to show you no mercy.”

Albus gulped and quickened his step.

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