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Short Story

Alone and Palely Loitering

Winner HP Fanfic Fan Poll Award

Immortality seemed a good idea at the time, but it has its disadvantages. Over the years, Nicolas Flamel has had many, many romantic entanglements, but no one flusters him quite as much as Albus Dumbledore. And Dumbledore may have one last surprise up his spangled sleeve.

Albus Dumbledore, Nicolas Flamel, Perenelle Flamel
Albus/Nicolas, Albus/Perenelle, Nicolas/Perenelle
3,200 words

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Man, you’re amazing! This story is incredible. Fun to see the world through Nicholas’ eyes.


Twisted and poignant. An undiscovered O. Henry.


Just when you think there’s nothing original left to be written in HP fandom, this comes along and proves you wrong. Absolutely brilliant!


The first time he considered killing her was in 1536.

It seemed the fashionable thing, and if the Muggle king could do it, why not him?

Not a nice, professional beheading, of course; it would need to be subtler. And it would be nice if it were more painful.

No, no, he thought. Henry had the right of it. The woman has shared my bed for 186 years.

He tried not to add and snored for 175 of them.

Immortality had seemed a grand idea at the time. He only wished he’d discovered the Stone a little sooner. While he never got any older, he didn’t get any younger, either, and quite frankly, 150 years, give or take, of gout and piles had made him think more than once of chucking the bloody thing into the Thames.

But then some entrancing young thing would catch his eye, and he’d swallow the Elixir, trim his beard, straighten his doublet and waistcoat, and pursue her as if she were an alchemical riddle to be teased out of hiding. Invariably, though, his fancy of the day became an old slag, and in the end, there was Perenelle.


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