My Selections from the 2023 HP Rec Fest

Happy New Year! Here, have some recs.

I dabble on Tumblr (I’m @Squibstress there), a platform I don’t entirely grasp because I have a serious case of the Olds. But I did manage to participate in the 2023 HP Rec Fest, which just concluded, so I thought I’d share my selections here because fic authors can never get enough love.

Each day had a theme, which was fun, and I highly recommend checking out the fest account to see all the fabulous stories that were recced there.

A Favorite Fic under 5k

A Comfort Fic

A Fic with Art

A Non-AO3 Fic

An Unreliable Narrator Fic

A Canon-Compliant Fic

A Canon-Divergence Fic

A Rare Pair Fic

A Dark Fic

A WIP You're Following

A Fic with over 100k Words

A Favorite Series

The Most Recent Fic You Bookmarked

A Fic That Made You Laugh

A Fic That Made You Cry

A Fairy-Tale-Inspired Fic

Fic with the Hottest Smut

A Fic Rated G

An Unfinished Fic

A Soulmate Fic

A Fic Rated T

A Fic with an Ending You Can't Stop Thinking About

A Muggle AU Fic

A Pre-Canon Fic

A Post-Canon Fic

A Fav among Faves

Spoiler Alert!

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