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It’s That Time of Year Again


Ah, it's that marvelous time of year ...

The preparations and shopping are done, the friends and relations duly toasted (and gotten toasted) and chivvied off into the frigid December night (or not so frigid, if you live in Paradise™, as I do), and Mr. Squib and I settled down with a cup of eggnog, he with an improving book and me with HoggyWartyXmas.

The fest has started off with a bunch of simply fabulous tales. I’m planning a proper recs post when we have a week under our collective and expanded belts, but if you haven’t begun your enjoyment of this year’s offerings, hie thee to Hogwarts and get started.

It is also time for mywitch ‘s annual fest of generousity, 25 Days of Drawing. I managed to get a request in on time this year, and golly, have I reaped the rewards!

Artist: mywitch
Rating: R
Characters: Augusta Longbottom/Minerva McGonagall

Why You Should Check It Out:

Mywitch has fulfilled one of my HP-themed fantasies in glorious style. I asked for Prefect Minerva caught snogging Augusta Longbottom (or whatever her name was back at school) by Professor Dumbledore. The result is just perfectly perfect. Hot, funny, and with all of  Mywitch ‘s signature detail and humor. It has certainly warmed my hearth this Yuletide, and I bet it will do for yours, too.