I Got a Gift Fic!

How lucky we are, dear peeps, how lucky we are!

I am lucky because, this week, I was the recipient of a wonderful gift. You are lucky because you get to enjoy it too.

One of my favorite HP writers, eldritcher, gifted me a story, “Hold the Line,” and a glorious piece it is too. Do yourself a favor and put aside an hour to read and digest this story.

Hold the Line
by eldritcher
Characters: Alice Longbottom, Albus Dumbledore, Aurora Sinistra, Minerva McGonagall, Severus Snape
Pairings: Alastor/Minerva, Minerva/Severus

It takes three epidemics.

Then Love comes along, plucky and persistent, and proceeds to drink all her scotch.

Spoiler Alert!

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