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Fic Rec: “The Thing About Travelling” by Tetleythesecond (Minerva, Hermione)


Link: The Thing About Travelling
Author: Tetleythesecond
Characters: Minerva McGonagall, (adult) Hermione
Summary: Minerva McGonagall goes on a journey.
Rating: PG-13
Word count: ~7,900
Warnings: None

It’s a rare fic that makes me believe Minerva and Hermione could become romantically involved, but if there were more MM/HG fic like this, written for the 2012 HoggyWartyXmas fest, I could begin to buy it. It makes me think of slightly sepia postcards tucked into a memory book; it has the feeling of a cherished memory looked back upon with clear-eyed yet fond hindsight.

Characteristic of tetleythesecond’s work, this story is full of fabulous characterizations with surprising bits of insight, enough description of foreign (to me) climes and locales without making it feel like a travelogue, and a slow buildup to an ending that you suspect is coming, but can’t be quite sure of, and that is totally satisfying either way.


And so, as the nights on the terrace progressed, Minerva gradually found herself granting more and more glimpses of her life. Of her uneasy relationship with Albus Dumbledore, for example, and the debates she had had with herself about whether unconditional subordination was an acceptable price to ask in exchange for protection. Of her time with Rolanda, both during the Grindelwald war and afterwards. And, finally, one night, when they’d been talking about possibilities for a working woman to find love and partnership, of the happiness that Minerva had found with Amelia Bones. Now, this especially wasn’t something she readily shared; their relationship had been private, and even after Amelia’s death Minerva hadn’t often spoken about just how deep their friendship had been, except to a few close friends. But then, perhaps there was something about those sweltering nights, with the sounds of the forest and the light of the candles and the scent of flowers, that had an effect on her privacy wards.