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Fic Rec: “Death Becomes Us” by Dallirious (Aberforth/Poppy, implied Aberforth/Minerva, Albus/Minerva)


Link: Death Becomes Us
Author: Dallirious
Characters: Aberforth/Poppy, implied Aberforth/Minerva, Albus/Minerva
Summary: As Hogwarts grows quiet after the events of HBP, it’s left to Poppy to make the trek to the Hog’s Head and speak to Aberforth.
Rating: PG-13
Word count: ~1,022

I posted a wishlist at hp_humpdrabbles just yesterday, and today I opened my browser and was greeted by my lovely gift!


Writer Dallirious has given me a wonderful sketch of some of my favorite characters—Aberforth, Poppy, Minerva—dealing with fear and loss, and finding courage in their own particular ways, with the spectre of a deceased Albus hanging over it all.

It takes place just after Albus’s death, as Poppy has come to deliver the news to his brother. There is intriguing backstory hinted at, and character revealed in telling bits of dialogue.

I’ll give you just a taste, because it’s a short fic, and I don’t want to give away the store:


“I could sit if it would be easier?” he found himself chuckling as Poppy’s eyes widened. It wasn’t like him to joke. He’d always been more serious than Albus, but he found himself smiling now all the same. “It must be Albus watching over us. It hurts, I promise you, but I feel the need to laugh.”